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West Horsley Network Rail boundary fencing renewal

Client: West Horsley Network Rail boundary fencing renewal

Sector: Rail


West Horsley Network Rail boundary fencing renewal


Boundary fencing is an important safety feature around the railway network in the UK. Old, broken, or missing panels can increase the risk for members of the public to inadvertently wander into unsafe areas. Access points are also attractive to trespassers and vandals – who can cause unsightly damage with high clean-up costs

Network Rail DU Wessex had issues with 50-year-old fencing that needed to be replaced, and so was no longer acting as a clear, solid demarcation between the railway land and the public footpath that ran alongside it. It was a major health and safety issue that could pose a risk to the public, leaving Network Rail liable for any injury or damage.


Our team came on board to fix and renew the fencing, creating a safe and clear boundary.

We replaced concrete posts with more sturdy, durable metal ones and installed 8 metres  of chain link fencing. Where necessary, controlled sections of the area were closed off while work took place to ensure public safety.


As with any work taking place near a railway track, safety is a top consideration, not only for workers but also the public. It was essential that we remained at least three metres away from trains at all times, and closed off the footpath to the public.

The site could not be left open and accessible so we had to finish what we started each day, ensuring it was closed off overnight. Cutting out the old fencing was also a huge job, with the team removing around 15 metres a day – this all resulted in long and physically demanding working days of up to 12 hours.




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Network Rail now has a clear boundary around its railway line that is strong and sturdy enough to keep the public safe for another 50 years.
Trespass, vandalism and risk of damage and injury are much reduced.


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