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Plant Hire

We own a large range of machinery which can be hired with an operator. We’ll arrive on-site with a fully-serviced, fully-fuelled plant, ready to get to work.

We work within your schedule and in collaboration with your team to provide a smooth and easy process.

All work is documented, paperwork provided, and compliance adhered to – we only start work if everything is right.

We work with our clients on long-term, planned and scheduled work such as highways, footpaths or railway vegetation clearance as well as ad-hoc or one-off jobs including site clearance.

Plant hire removes the investment of machinery, allowing you to quote for a job with Avondale as your plant partners, delivering the job together.
You’ll also not have to worry about maintenance, servicing or breakdowns – our plant machinery is all kept meticulously up-to-date, compliant and safe.

Options for agreed time length hire, plus flexibility to extend if needed.

We’ll bring the right plant machinery and operator for the job – to provide efficiency and high productivity, aiming to minimise disruption, alongside providing a top level service.

Our services

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Spray Units

Tunnel Washing


Snow Clearance


Litter Vacuum

Litter Picking


Our mulchers will reduce the cut down vegetation in no time before we remove it from site.
It means fewer loads, less journeys and high time efficiency.

Mulchers are run by our operatives, ensuring safety and compliance are met at all times on your site.
They’ll help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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Spray Units

Our spray units are driven to your site with an Avondale operative ready to work.
They make a huge job a smaller one that can be completed in less time and without a vast amount of manual labour.

Our machines are powerful and designed to run efficiently, using the highest grade chemicals for an effective outcome.

Licenced to work on UK highways and on railway sites, our machinery and operators are highly skilled and conscientious in compliance and safety – ready to support your brief and deliver results.

Tunnel Washing

For highways clients who wash their tunnels on a schedule, it’s more cost-effective to hire rather than invest in their own machines.
They hire from Avondale throughout the year, avoiding all that comes with servicing,  maintenance, training, safety and compliance – we take care of that, so that you simply have machine on-site when you need it there.
A reliable service with a highly trained operative.

Our operatives arrive on-site when you need them there, including overnight work – to minimise disruption and tunnel closure. We work in a single lane, to allow other works to go on at the same time; potentially shortening the closure length working simultaneously rather than consecutively.

Our washers have sensors that control the amount of spray needed, which means only what’s needed is used – no waste, no overuse.
Tunnel washing won’t be noticed by the drivers usually, but it does help with safety – clean walls reflect the vehicle lights better, making it lighter rather than dim and dull as they drive through, plus fixtures and signage are also cleaned too.

Frequency of washes is different for each tunnel, as it depends on volume of use, length of the tunnel and the wall surfaces; some attract more pollutants than others.
We will visit your site to survey and advise you on the best schedule and approach.

Our tunnel washers are approved for both road and rail tunnels.

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We own one of the UK’s largest fleets of Unimog vehicles, used for both road and rail work.
We’ve developed them with our partners at Mulag, to be able to offer a range of vehicles and machinery for many jobs.

With our years of expertise in the background, we have custom-built them to allow us to provide efficiency and ease of use for our operators so that jobs are completed to the highest standard.

Unimogs are designed to do a thorough job; cutting vegetation around posts, bollards, crash barriers and street furniture and getting into hard to reach places.

Specially-designed tools and long arms allow access up slopes, down verges and over obstructions. We also have tools for tunnel washing – highways and railways.

They also lend a higher level of safety as there is no manual finishing – all work is done through our highly experienced operator, supplied with the vehicle.

Snow Clearance

We’re ready and waiting when it snows, to keep businesses, roads and car parks cleared and open. 

Our fleet of snow ploughs can be deployed across Kent, Sussex and Essex to help clear entrance and exits, driveways, car parks and access roads for customers, staff and deliveries.

Provided with a driver / operator, the service is designed to provide a quick, safe and efficient service across the area. 

Book a contract or call us for a reactive service.

  • Local authorities 
  • Parish Councils 
  • Highways  
  • Railways 
  • Business parks / estates 
  • Private estates / residences 
  • Private roads 
  • Hotels 
Unimog Snow Ploughing_1

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Litter Vacuum / Litter Cleaning

Our vacuum litter pickers collect vast volumes of rubbish from roads, highways, lanes, and railway land.
They can clear in 45 minutes, what a manual crew can do in half a day, meaning road closures are kept to a minimum.
Human safety is also a factor – operatives are on the highways for less time.
Rubbish is collected quickly, easily and disposed of within regulation and compliance.
Our operators arrive on-site with the machines ready to get to work.

Wood Chipper

Our wood chippers can work on road or rail, to make fast work of large branches that can’t be mulched.
We use powerful machines that can get through the vegetation at a rate that keeps up with the clearance.
We’ll chip and dispose of the waste, or give it back to you for your own use.
All chippers arrive ready to go – fully serviced, fuelled and with an experienced operator.

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