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Steep banks cutting

Client: Medway Norse for Medway Council

Sector: Public Highways


Harnessed experts for safe clearing of steep banks


Clearing steep banks at the side of busy roads and carriageways is a specialised job. Unimog vehicles can be used for this type of work but it takes longer and requires road closures; harnessed professionals are able to carry out the job much more quickly and efficiently.

Medway Norse therefore, needed a highly trained team with the necessary equipment and protective guarding to undertake the work safely in the Medway area.


We regularly visit each site, clearing any overgrowth on the banks, ensuring it doesn’t obstruct visibility for drivers, and looks tidy and well kept.
Our operatives are trained to work at height in harnesses, so the job was able to be done in the safest, most effective way.


The main challenges with this type of job is safety; there is a high risk of falling if undertaken by an inexperienced team without the correct equipment.
Injury, near miss or death cannot be risked.


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Medway Norse now has a trusted team from Avondale that they can rely on to clear steep banks, without the use of Unimogs which would make the job longer and more expensive. We regularly maintain the banks, meaning they never reach a state of deep overgrowth, so our follow-up jobs are quick and straightforward, with minimal disruption to the public.


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