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Kent Public Rights Of Way

Client: Kent County Council

Sector: Public Highways

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Across Kent, there are more than 7,000km of footpaths to explore, and they are well used, by people getting from A to B, dog walkers, ramblers or people just getting out into the countryside.

Horse riders also use the bridalways and need them to be clear to get through easily.

As beautiful as it is, everything in the countryside grows…often into and over footpaths and so regular cutting is required to keep them accessible and enjoyable.

Some dangerous plants also grow which can be hazardous to humans and animals and so regular maintenance reduced risk.


Kent County Council subcontracts Avondale to take care of footpath clearance so that they can remain accessible and enjoyable.
Every year, they provide us with a list of the paths they want to be cleared and we create a schedule of work, to visit them 2-3 times over the growing season.

We do the first and biggest cut in May, finishing in late June. The second cut then starts by mid-July and is completed mid-August.
Where we do a third cut, this is in October and will be the last one of the season as growth slows down until spring.

As well as this planned work, we also work ad-hoc for KCC if they have reports of footpaths outside of our contract that need to be cleared, offering a quick response to make them accessible again.

  • Footpath maintenance involves:
  • Strimming pathways
  • Hedge cutting
  • Gras mowing
  • Blowing waste into the footpath sides for it to compost down
  • Clearing any excess from the footpath to leave it tidy
  • Spraying hazardous plants

Footpaths can be challenging; we cut 3m across to open up the footpath – and it’s often very overgrown by the time we get there, leaving us with very little space to work.


  • Across Kent, we take care of more than 132,000 metres of footpaths:
  • Canterbury: 87,000 metres
  • Tonbridge: 16,411 metres
  • Thanet: 28,751 metres



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Footpaths that are accessible make the countryside easier to get around. Regular users can get through them easily without getting tangled up, scratched or a foot caught in a long bramble.
It’s a much more pleasant walk when you’re not fighting back vegetation!
People using footpaths for walking commutes don’t want to be slowed down or their clothes made dirty from overgrown vegetation.
Footpaths are also safer if we have sprayed dangerous plants that could cause irritation or other health problems.
Accessible footpaths help KCC to reduce complaints about them – if people can get through, they don’t complain.

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