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Highways verge cutting

Client: Medway Norse

Sector: Public Highways

Keeping verges clear, for safe, pleasant highways


Medway Norse is responsible for maintaining the public highways on behalf of Medway Council. Litter and overgrown vegetation can be an issue for many locations on the highways, as it not only obscures essential safety features such as signage and traffic lights but also looks unsightly.

Clearing verges and areas around signs and lights is not only a long process, but also logistically challenging as much of the work needs to be carried out at night for minimal disruption to traffic. Often, the sites are on roads with a speed limit of 50mph+, meaning worker safety is also a key consideration.

The client also needed a team who could be flexible for any unexpected clearing.


Avondale was contracted to clear and maintain overgrown areas of the highway. Traffic management can be complicated to arrange but we take care of this, pl   anning six traffic management measures per year, reducing the management time for the client.

We ensure that wherever possible, the road is partially open with just one lane closed, minimising disruption to traffic.

We often collaborate with the client on this job too, with Medway Norse assisting with litter picking, sign washing and jet washing roundabouts.


Traffic management can be a lengthy process, with applications for road closures often taking up to six weeks and must take into account diversions, light changes and any necessary collaboration with third parties.

Working on, or near, the roadside also involves a number of potential safety issues for our team and the public, all of which we carefully assess and plan for.

It’s frustrating for residents when their nights are disturbed by work taking place outside their property so properly advising them of any upcoming work, and putting measures in place to keep noise and disruption to a minimum must be factored in.

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Nobody enjoys traffic jams and queues, so we make sure that any road or lane closures are well organised and managed, meaning the job is completed on time.

Once we have completed the main clearance job, maintenance is a much quicker task. Drivers can safely use the roads, with clear visibility of signs and lights.

Residents feel acknowledged, respected and fully informed of upcoming work.

The well-tended, clean verges play an important part in ensuring Medway is a pleasant, presentable place to live and visit.

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