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Tunnel washing unit

The tunnel washing unit is a purpose built attachment fitted to the front of a Unimog power plant. It is designed to reduce costs by cleaning tunnels quickly and efficiently within a single lane thereby allowing other works to be carried out simultaneously.

The hydraulic arm is electronically controlled to work within the vehicle’s offside envelope. The enclosed cleaning head produces minimal spray drift while detectors with ultrasound sensors automatically adjust the washing head to the profile of any surface being cleaned.

The efficiency of the two high pressure spray bars results in a low water content with the rotating brush reducing the need for costly & environmentally damaging detergents.

In a single pass water is sprayed in front of the rotating nylon brush that agitates and cleans the surface, followed by the second spray bar that rinses off the dirt and grime. Both water and brush pressures can be adjusted by the operator as needed to deal with the varying amounts of dirt and available time to clean.


  • rear mounted jet wash system available to clean independent tunnel fixtures and fittings where required
  • approved for road and rail infrastructures
  • single lane operation
  • enclosed cleaning head
  • minimum spray drift
  • low water requirement reduces down time refills
  • single pass cleaning process includes wash, agitate & rinse
  • variable performance pending available time and required finish
  • variety of cleaning heads including large 2m rotating brush
  • automatic cleaning head improves performance