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Our success has been, and continues to be, built on high reinvestment in the business. This investment is built around four core principles of:

  • Qualified, skilled and experienced workforce and management team
  • Modern, environmental, specialist plant and equipment
  • Continual improvement and flexibility in service delivery to meet changing priorities, time and cost constraints
  • Quality, externally audited management systems and continual improvement of internal policies and procedures

Our ethos is that we will never compromise on the delivery of safe, quality, professional services

Our added value comes from:

  • providing long term lower maintenance costs and higher productivity through mechanisation
  • a fundamental commitment to the environment by recognising and managing environmental issues as part of our daily operations
  • a commitment to H & S with an enviable track record in one of the most regulated and high risk industries

Having operated in a highly competitive and cost driven marketplace we have proved that not only have we the flexibility to provide the services our clients need but we can also recognise and manage the environmental issues that underpin and drive our daily operations.